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Designing Beautiful Memories

I began my journey in floral design back in 2016 at a grocery store floral department. Florals had never crossed my mind prior to this experience, but God had always given me the desire to create beautiful things with my hands. I spent a few years in a local floral shop as a floral designer before venturing out on my own. I had many incredible florists pour their knowledge and skills into me along the way. I know that God has orchestrated so many amazing lessons and experiences over the years to bring me to this point.


I spent some time working in Event Coordination, Catering, Venue Sales, and Corporate Event Planning as I built my knowledge and skillsets in this beautiful Wedding and Event Industry. What has driven me in this industry more than anything is my love for people. I enjoy watching a meaningful day unfold, watching people grow at ease knowing I’ve got it under control and that they don’t have to stress, connecting with people I may have never got the chance to share conversations with, learning from fellow event vendors, and seeing those incredible smiles from grateful hearts at the end of an event.


I don't just love flowers, I love people. So, Hey There! Thank you for being part of this journey. 

Lots of love and blessings, 
Faith Nabors

Where Purpose and Passion Collide

Hey There Dahlia is my passion brought to life, my artistic and emotional outlet. I cherish being part of incredible moments alongside my clients. Planning out floral details that fit unique love stories and turning these ideas into tangible two dimensional pieces of art, is a surreal feeling.

– Faith Nabors, Owner

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